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July 1, 2020

This morning I saw an article with tips about taking summer road trips during pandemic times. The good old days of spontaneity is no longer, I’m afraid. But with Covid-19 cases on the rise in so many places, will people still be venturing out? If so, it’s time to adopt a new road-trip mindset. Like making a Coronavirus Kit that includes hand sanitizers, plenty of disposable masks, lots of toilet paper in case your vacation rental runs out, and extra water and the all-important first aid essentials.

For hikers, this is not the time to explore unmarked trails and possibly getting hurt while you’re at it. Always carry a lightweight backpack with snacks, water and extra clothing to handle the changing temps that vary with elevation.

And reservations are imperative during Covid times. Make reservations ahead of time as campsites are limiting parking in order to avoid overcrowding.

At the top of the list: Appoint a traveler in the group to be the Covid Drill Sergeant to make sure that everyone is washing their hands properly (at least 20 seconds); sanitize the car steering wheel, drive shift, car doors and handles; and perhaps appoint a sanitizer co-drill sergeant to have the sanitizing stuff at the ready to spray or pump for anyone who needs it.

Oh, don’t forget to bring your own towels and linens.

Hmmm…I’ll pass on road trips for now. I think I’ll just hang out with Lawrence in her tranquil desert habitat.

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Barbara Place
Barbara Place
Jul 01, 2020

Love Lawrence! Thanks for posting the article!

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