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July 5, 2021: Happy 5th of July!


I have been in “hibernation” of late working on a couple of story deadlines, waking up before sunrise and coming up for air to do laundry, eat with my family and take morning walks with Louie. But a welcome escape was last Saturday, July 3, when we joined a dear friend for a small dinner gathering at her home and met friends of hers for the first time. Within minutes, we learned that the husband of the couple knew my older siblings in high school! The rest of the wonderful evening was like catching up with old friends.

And while Independence Day may have been yesterday (Sunday), my town will hold its much-anticipated annual 4th of July parade today, which I remembered as I started brewing my coffee before locking myself in my office.

4th of July in Sierra Madre California

I might make the parade. But I might not. With that in mind (and as my family was still asleep), I grabbed my smartphone, and while my coffee percolated, I quietly walked out the backdoor and headed to at least capture the pre-parade mood at Kersting Court, our new reimagined town square, that was unveiled yesterday in time for the parade.

Pictures paint a thousand words, the saying goes. To me, what I captured this morning, including preparations for the annual July 4th 5k run, was as good as being at the parade.


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