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December 30, 2020

I don’t know what others will be doing on New Year’s Eve, but I’ll be ready to clang on pots and pans when the clock strikes midnight PST.

The unplanned sightseeing Louie and I did yesterday after dropping Lola off at the animal eye clinic for an outpatient procedure gave us every reason to anticipate the closing of Chapter 2020 and turning the page to 2021. We turned out of the parking lot to be faced with the spectacular snowcapped San Gabriel Mountain range, including the summit of Mount Wilson and its solar towers, home to the famous Mount Wilson Observatory. We took a spin west on the Foothill Freeway, exited, and turned into a quiet woodsy neighborhood that led us straight to a picture-perfect view of the mountains, the Rose Bowl in the distance, and the renowned Pasadena Aquatic Center just below where we were standing. It was beautiful watching misty steam rising from the pools – where Louie swam regularly until the pandemic hit. A few yards away, I was tempted to walk the winding dirt path leading down the steep hill.

While our lives were turned upside down this year, new Covid-19 vaccines around the world are shedding promising light on our planet. As for Louie and me, yesterday’s excursion was the inspirational shot in the arm that we desperately needed – a reminder that it’s time for us to come back.

Happy New Year, everyone! Peace and Harmony to all.

This is your country, and it’s up to you to save it.” – English translation of a saying in Taiwan

Washing Hands + Wearing a Mask + Social Distancing = Saving Lives

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