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April 29, 2020

Wow, after almost a month and a half of sheltering at home, California has begun a four-stage process to restore public life around the state. But social distancing will still be the mantra for a while. A quick peek: The current Stage 1 is creating safe working environments for essential workers, and stay-at-home is still mandated except for necessary outings; Stage 2 might involve reopening schools in late July or August, as well as the opening of lower-risk businesses; Stage 3 is months away, but will allow for the reopening of spas, gyms, nail salons, hair salons and barbershops; Stage 4 – only if a vaccine or widespread immunity exists -- we will be able to enjoy concerts, sporting events and other large group activities.

I’m good with this slow roll-out that will demand a lot of patience. I hope the rest of California’s “citizenry” is, too. With a crisis of this magnitude, we just can’t restore the country overnight.

I took a break before finishing this entry because the weather’s getting hotter by the minute. We’re having a heat wave this week, so I hit the streets for an early power walk to beat the heat.

And with each walk I notice details that I used to overlook. Like the cutest pink mailbox that I had never paid attention to before. Then I stopped for a closer look at the huge coniferous tree trunk that’s been sitting like a giant park bench in front of a woodsy house for years. “Did this tree used to be part of this property?” I asked a man wearing a cowboy hat as he worked in the shrubbery. “I think so…,” I barely heard him say.

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