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April 25, 2020

People helping people is what good people do during desperate times. It gave me hope and pride to see that California Governor Newsom will use FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) funds to reopen restaurants in order to deliver three healthy meals a day to seniors in need. The program will get people back to work and also generate revenue for municipalities throughout the state. It’s the country’s first program of its kind during the coronavirus crisis. This is healing – one step at a time.

Wednesday, April 22, was Earth Day and indeed one we will remember. The irony of it all is mind-blowing. The world has come to a halt as people are staying home to avoid spread of Covid-19, factories are operating at a minimum, and traffic is virtually no where to be seen. As a result, air quality in Los Angeles ranked among the highest in the world. Skies are bluer, flowers seem to be blooming longer, and wildlife is coming out of the woods and venturing into the city. Mother Nature has her way of guiding us, doesn’t she?

We’re bombarded 24/7 with so much news, but we also need balance to lift us up. In the best way ever, I found that balance when Jacqueline shared with me “Cocktails with a Curator,” a virtual museum mini tour at the Frick Collection in Manhattan in New York City.

In the midst of the pandemic, Xavier Salomon, Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator at the Frick Collection, brainstormed a brilliant Friday “cocktail hour” for the next several weeks while “We’re all home during this time of difficulty and crisis.” But before he gets started from his apartment in NYC, he recommends a cocktail for viewers to make at home to relax, sip and enjoy as he describes in fascinating detail the history and mysteries of one selected painting in the collection. While I wasn’t quite up for a Manhattan when I tuned in for the 16-minute film, I happily lingered over a fresh-brewed cup of coffee enraptured as Salomon discussed “St. Francis in the Desert” -- that eerily parallels where we happen to be today.

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