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April 13, 2020

I spoke to our friend, Torsten, on the phone last night. He also lives at the foothills of the local mountains. With fewer people out and about, he’s noticed more wildlife wandering during the day, including deer and coyotes. Sadly, his son’s friend lost his pet dog to a coyote.

The other day, I picked up Louie and Lola at the local park. As I started the car, we noticed a guy who had just arrived to shoot hoops at the once busy basketball court. He saw a newly posted sign urging social distancing. The basket hoops had been completely removed and replaced with yellow tape. Nonetheless, he stayed, and we watched him for a few minutes as he so adeptly performed dribbling drills.

Night “3” of the 7PM Cheer surprised me to no end. Being a rainy Easter day, I questioned if we would see the turn out we had the night before. Even more came out this time. A neighbor stood on her balcony while her friend hit a spoon against a pot, our next-door neighbor came out with her stainless-steel pot, and a father and his son stood and waved from their front door. A neighbor in the middle of the block couldn’t help expressing how emotional it was to see everyone.

Clearly, we are all feeling the pain.

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