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September 24, 2020

It’s Louie’s birthday today. Considering Covid times, we will lie low, that is, we won’t be dining out or, sadly, we can’t celebrate with a party. Instead, in quintessential Louie style, the day will be purely spontaneous. It will be a busy workday for him, so we’ll play around that.

For starters, I will make French toast for breakfast – taking a pause from our morning ritual of oatmeal.

And while typing away in my office this morning, I heard loud music and Shaquille O’Neal’s voice coming from the living room. I immediately got up and said to Louie, “What’s going on?!”

When he opened his computer, his first email was a wonderful Blue Mountain ecard – Shaq-in-the-Box Birthday Song -- from our client, Maria K. What a fun start for Louie’s day.

My birthday card was less flashy, but sweet as could be.

Happy Birthday, Louie Lucero!

Washing Hands + Wearing a Mask + Social Distancing = Saving Lives

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